Hey everyone, Brian Peters, with buffer. Here today, I’ll, be sharing my top 10 Facebook marketing tips for businesses and brands, whether you’re just starting out on Facebook or you’re, a seasoned expert.

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I have something for everyone today. These tips have directly helped us increase our fan growth by more than 150 percent and engagement by three hundred fifty percent on Facebook in just one year. Yes, that is absolutely possible even with how crowded Facebook is today and all the content that’s being shared.

So how does that sound to you? Let’s, get started all right, kicking it off with my number one tip for businesses and marketers, and that’s. Facebook is the platform. Content is where the magic truly happens.

So sometimes it’s, easy to focus on the fact that organic Reach has declined. And we can blame that on the algorithm or the fact that advertising has increased exponentially over the last few years or that brands and marketers are posting more content than ever before.

We also talked about how Facebook is making us pay to play right, so we have to pay order to increase our reach and increase our content being seen. The truth is even though there is a ton of content being posted to Facebook every single day there’s, not a ton of truly good content and that’s.

What I mean by content is where the magic happens, so that’s. What we need to focus on as brands and marketers there’s, not a ton of truly good content, and if we focus on a niche in a subset of the 2 billion users on Facebook and provide great content.

That’s. Useful. For them and entertaining for them, we truly have an opportunity to carve out a great little space for our brand on Facebook. So what does that? Look like that’s, gonna look like a lot of different things for a lot of different businesses and that’s.

Ok, I’m, guessing that many of you have had some proven things that have worked in the past for you and so here, a buffer for us that’s, our blog, so we spend 90 % of our time and our focus On social media, creating content centered around driving engagement traffic to our blog, I’m sure you, as businesses have something similar.

What would you like to achieve on social media? Remember that 90 percent of your time should be spent creating the content, and then the other 10 % is actually posting that content. So it’s, a very small subset if you create that extra energy in the extra effort behind your content, understanding what your audience likes and I promise you, your content – will succeed at a higher level on Facebook.

My number two tip for those looking to excel with Facebook marketing is, of course, video lots of focus over the last couple years has been placed on video. We’ve, seen it from Mark Zuckerberg, essentially saying that video is the future of social media.

We’ve, seen it in their algorithm video being placed at the top of people’s. Newsfeeds, we’ve, seen people being rewarded for going live a lot. So really, there is a focus on Facebook from the top on video at buffer, we’ve, seen a ton of success with video marketing.

Some of our videos have reached up to 500,000 people and had a few hundred thousand views, and I have no doubt that you as a marketer can make the same type of quality videos with maybe the small amount of resources or small team that you have just For a little bit of context, I make the videos fear of buffer – and I also wear multiple hats here at the company as well, which I know a lot of you can relate to so I’m gonna give you a few quick tips On how you can efficiently create great videos for your Facebook, page number, one is to remember not to be salesy with your videos or really product or sales focused.

It’s, important to use video as a brand awareness tool at the top of the funnel that’s. What people are engaging with on Facebook and it’s, a really great gateway for you to reach new audience. Members number two with video very technical, remember to keep your videos at 120 seconds, so two minutes or less buzz, whom actually ran a huge study setting more than a hundred million videos on Facebook and what they found is that the top performing videos were between 60 And 90 seconds and that captions explaining the videos were only between 50 and 100 characters and last but not least when it comes to video, remember that 92 % of Facebook users are actually using Facebook on their mobile device, meaning people are scrolling quickly through their feed.

They have very short attention spans and they might be distracted by other things going on around them. So that means keep your video short to the point and save the best. For first studies have shown me: you have only about eight seconds to capture someone’s attention and keep them around to watch your whole video.

My number 3 tip for Facebook marketing and miss drove a ton of ink growth for our page last year and not sharing curated content. One of the questions and concerns that a lot of people share with us through buffer is that they just don’t, have enough time or energy to dedicate to really seeing social media through well, one of the best ways to supplement always having to Create new content over and over every single day for social is to make sure that you’re posting curated content from other top reputable sources within your industry, and I think it’s that part that’s super key For brands and marketers to remember is that it doesn’t completely.

Replace your own content strategy within your company is simply supplements it to help. You have a consistent voice and brand posting to social media. The truth is: if we’re only posting about ourselves, our own products, our own blog updates, our own information people will start to tune that out after a while, but with curated content, you have the opportunity not only to develop yourself as a thought Leader within your industry, but also build relationships with the people’s, content that you’re sharing that’s; the beauty of curated content.

If I actually take a look at the stats from buffer within our Facebook page analytics it’s very clear that curated content has performed very well over the last year. In fact, if I saw our top performing content within our Facebook page analytics, it’s, clear that six out of ten of the top posts we’ve ever posted are pieces of curated content, and so that’s, really Important to remember is that not only does it supplement the content strategy you already have in place, but it actually can be some of your top performing content.

Of course, one of the questions that goes along with curated content is well. How does that drive traffic back to my site, or how does that drive sales and my answer there? Is it’s not necessarily going to drive traffic or sales, and that’s? Okay, not everything! You post as social media, should drive traffic or sis a lot of the social media.

Success we see with big brands, comes because of brand awareness and building relationships with your audience. So just a quick recap: content creation does not replace your content strategy, but it does helps provide a never-ending supply of great content, sort of in the same light as curated content.

Our number four tip for Facebook marketing is to repurpose and reshare your top performing content. I know I’m going to get a lot of questions about this, but it is okay to share and re share content across Facebook.

Again, if I take a look at top publishers and top brands on Facebook and what they’re doing with their Facebook strategy, one thing that’s very apparent. Is they re sharing top posts that have performed well on their Facebook page to help put this in perspective a little bit? If you take a look at the actual data, only about two to five percent of your audience are actually going to see any given piece of content that you, post to your page, two to five percent.

That means 95 to 98 % of your audience. Isn’t senior content at all, so there’s, really no harm in reshare, in content to Facebook and personally at buffer. When I we share our content, it’s performed just as well, if not better as the first time we shared it now, the one rule of thumb to reshare and content to Facebook is try to wait three weeks to about a month before you Reshare, a certain piece of content on Facebook and the whole point of reshare and content.

The Facebook is to save time and resources. I know how challenging it can be to consistently put out brand new pieces of content to Facebook. Ideally, you’ll. Have a never-ending supply of great content that you can post your page and when done in tandem with curated content, that only becomes more true, alright, diving into some more fun Facebook marketing tactics and this one’s, a specific tool you can use and That’s.

Facebook pages to watch you ‘ Ve, probably heard me talking about Facebook pages to watch in the past. We have more videos about it on our YouTube page, but it truly is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create great social media content and also set goals and benchmarks.

Just a quick note for Facebook pages to watch is that you do have to be a Facebook page manager and have access to your insights and number two you do have to have 75 or more likes to your page. To get access to this awesome feature.

Anyways back to what I was talking about once you have Facebook pages to watch and access the Facebook page to watch, you can actually watch up to 100 pages. This could be your competitors, your peers, inspirational pages, that you love, that you view but any sort of page you want as long as it’s registered Facebook page into Facebook pages to watch.

Once you have an awesome list of let’s, say 25 to 50 pages that you can find inspiration from every day the guide, your own Facebook strategy, it’s, time to figure out the best ways to use that tool. I recommend using Facebook page to watch in 3.

Super unique ways: number one is to set goals and benchmarks with Facebook pages to watch, as you can see here within the tool. Facebook pages to watch provides a host of amazing analytics about your peers and competitors that you can use to set your own goals and benchmarks, so you can use the sassette audience, engagement, goals or audience growth goals, or maybe you have some other goals based around the Statistics – you see here in facebook page with the watch number to use Facebook pages to watch to curate content.

So we talked a little bit earlier about curating content on Facebook, but I think Facebook pages to watch is the number one curating content tool you can use to find amazing content now, as you can see here when you click on a hyperlink to a specific page, That you’re watching Facebook, actually sorts the content by most engaging over the previous seven days.

That is mind-blowing. They’re, essentially giving you a playbook for what’s successful for other brands in your industry on Facebook, and the cool part is, as you can see here. Facebook actually ranks the post by most engaging over the previous week.

We’ve tried the strategy hundreds of times on our Facebook page and it works ninety to ninety-five percent of the time. And last but not least, you can use Facebook pages to watch to find and get inspiration for your own content on Facebook.

One of the things that’s hard is for me, and I don’t know about you, but it’s, creating original ideas on the consistent basis. Sometimes we all just need a little inspiration. Facebook pages to watch is the perfect tool to follow inspirational brand accounts that you can derive amazing ideas from turn them into your own and then post them to your own Facebook page.

He is not to copy their ideas, but to simply find inspiration for things that you might be able to relate to your own brand. I promise you that you will never go back once you discover the power of Facebook pages to watch.

Speaking of exciting and emerging platform tools for Facebook, its Facebook, Messenger, facebook Messenger is one of the hottest topics right now. Social media, lots of brands and publishers are using it to connect with their audience in new ways, and there are tons of ways that you, as marketers and brands, can use messenger to help amplify your social media and your Facebook Mavericks.

First, if you’re thinking about getting into facebook Messenger, there are a few tools or a few chat BOTS. If you will that I might recommend number one is many chats another one chat, fuel and, last but not least, is box afire.

Those three tools are some of the highest-rated on the market, and I highly recommend that you check them out now when talking about how to use messenger and ways that marketers and brands should think about implementing facebook Messenger into their overall social media strategy.

The first thing that comes to mind is using Facebook to deliver content and new ways to your Facebook fans and what’s great. Is that there’s, a ton of ways that you can actually do this? You can have people opt-in on your blog to receive the content via facebook Messenger.

I’ve, seen their hands and businesses create ebooks or studies or reports that they then deliver in bite-sized chunks be a messenger which is a great idea. You can create a super simple chat, bot menu that allows people to pick and choose the type of content they want to see.

You can ask them a series of questions once they opt in to your Facebook Messenger bot in order to handpick content that you think they might like based on their answers. It’s, just a really exciting time.

If you’re a marketer and you’re experimenting with facebook Messenger because it is so novel and new and people are really engaging with it. Of course, if you don’t have a huge Facebook audience or you’re, unsure about ways to get people to opt into your messenger BOTS.

There are some other options as well: messenger ads offer a perfect opportunity for brands and marketers with either small Facebook pages or an unclear strategy to get people interested in there’s, a certain type of content to opt in which is great because number One it’s very inexpensive to advertise on messenger and number.

Two click-through rates are extremely high, because people are still shocked and awed by the fact that they’re, interacting with brands through facebook Messenger. Now that’s on the content side, it makes whatever talking the true power of Facebook messenger.

It also lies in customer service. You might have seen all the features that they’ve, released recently, allowing people to directly message your brand through messenger. They also even have your business store hours when you first land on the page and how fast the company is likely to respond to someone and the percentage at which they respond to customers.

So Facebook is creating this ecosystem customer service and people are starting to expect it. In fact, I actually had a question for Facebook recently and their own customer support team was using messenger.

So if that’s, not a sign of how important messenger is for customer service moving forward, I don’t know. It is, though, not has talked about as much these days. Our number seven tip for facebook marketing our Facebook groups, Facebook groups – are still a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to build a massive community around a specific topic or vertical, but a lot of times.

Facebook groups are an untapped resource for business number one because they don’t know how powerful they can be. Remember too, they just don’t, have the time or resources dedicated to building a thriving community and that’s.

Okay, because I have a few tips for getting started with Facebook groups today, number one tip with Facebook groups is to start within a niche and build a small, highly dedicated, highly active community around that specific topic.

In other words, don’t. Try to be everything for everyone build your group around a topic that is very specific to serving customers needs. What are their pain points? What if people asked you about your business on a regular basis? What are top questions on Quora in your industry? Those all make for great ideas for the topic for your Facebook group.

Now when starting a Facebook group, it will start out small, but the key is from the very beginning. Is don’t use your Facebook group to sell your product. Your Facebook group should be centered around value, education and usefulness, believe it or not, the less you sell your product within your Facebook group, the more you’re actually going to sell your product.

If you provide people useful relevant content that helps solve their challenges, that’s, how you’re, going to get customers not through talking about yourself all the time and when it comes to building a successful Facebook group, you have to remember That it will take a lot of time and dedication to making sure that is successful.

Our number 8 facebook marketing tip is customer service on facebook. Now we talked a minute ago about the importance of customer service with the use of messenger, but I want to talk about this topic, one more time to hammer home just how important customer service can be for the success of your Facebook page.

As I mentioned, Facebook itself is making customer service a priority for their brand as well, and they have two billion people to worry about in terms of queries and questions and concerns as a smaller business.

It’s, definitely manageable. To set up a small customer service team dedicated to answering questions comments, product feedback within the Facebook space you’ll – want to make sure, first and foremost, that you have all the details.

Your Facebook page filled out. What are your business hours? Are? The act Nate, what’s? Your address? What’s? Your phone number? How people get in touch with you and when you have the Facebook message, feature turned on within settings.

Facebook will provide potential customers and current customers with information about how fast you respond and then whatever how often your response or a percentage right. So it’s, a very important stat to keep up on your Facebook page and believe it or not just showing it’s important Facebook rewards pages with a nice little green badge of very responsive when a company responds to more than Ninety percent of people within a certain amount of time, so even something as small as that could be the difference of people staying and hanging and engaging on your page or just quickly.

Leaving and one more part about customer service on Facebook are reviews. Facebook has done a great job of placing reviews, first and foremost on Facebook pages these days and believe me, people are checking out the reviews when they go to your Facebook page.

So one thing you can do is always comment to every single review that someone takes. The time to leave under page, if it’s positive great, give them a little love back. If it’s negative, that’s even more important for you to respond to so again, bringing it home every conversation that you have with the customer or potential customer is an opportunity to create a long, lasting relationship.

So you’re ready to take your Facebook game to the next level. I know you are thanks a ton for joining me today. I’m, always here to help answer, questions or comments. You might have feel free to drop me a line in the comments below if you enjoyed this video today.

I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribe to our page for more awesome videos like this in the future and give us a quick thumbs up below. I wish you the best of luck in your Facebook marketing strategy and I hope to see you soon.

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