Hi, my name is William C Mosley and I live in Atlanta Georgia with my wife and my 19-year-old son that’s attending college down here. and when I’m not spending time with my online business I love spending time with my family, I love going for long walks and listening to music while I’m out walking. Also a retired New York City correction officer and after retiring that’s when I decided or we decided to move to Atlanta from New York City about 7 years ago. And my wife she’s still working today as a nurse and myself being retired I found myself having a lot of free time on my hands and that’s when I got the bug to start with this whole online marketing thing. and I fell in love with it no greater feeling than making money from home. and there’s no better feeling than getting up in the morning and not having to go to a job. That was the whole idea behind my blog is teaching people how they can do the same and you can. I have earn money online in many different opportunities meaning business opportunities and I have also earn money with affiliate programs and also have done some CPA online marketing. so if you’re looking to earn money online you definitely come to the right place I will teach you some tips and tricks on the subject of online marketing and also some offline marketing that works well for me over the years. If you have any kind of questions at all regarding online marketing offline marketing please do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Wishing you all the success you deserve

William C Moseley