One of the greatest opportunities i see in 2021 for creating amazing opportunities from our community is the utilization of text messages. So i found myself over the last many months talking at length with my coaching clients about how to use text and when to use it and then really starting to think through almost as a copywriter as a marketer, the power of a text message.

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So today i want to debrief all of the conversations i’ve, been having over the last couple of years, around text message as a tom ferry coach, and i’m, going to give you some of the simple formulas of how you Can use text message to crush it in 2021? So let’s dig in here now it started back when i first started coaching with tom tom literally was saying hey.

You should send this text message that says something along the lines of hey the you know. Market values and prices have gone up up up. Would you like to know more about the current value of your home? That was a text message that we were pushing literally five years ago right in 2015, when the market really started going up, and i think the adoption rate back then in 2015 was very low, because people kind of like i don’t really feel Comfortable sending this text message or sending a text message to people that i know and uh engaging in this conversation about market value or real estate.

So i and i was like i thought it was a good idea back. Then it clearly worked. It created a lot of opportunities and a lot of sales for those agents that actually went ahead with it and just took action right.

But as we progress here into 2020 tom at the success summit, he showed a survey from one of the big marketing firms and the survey showed that the consumer nine out of ten times nine out of the ten people would prefer a text message over a phone Call over an email now that hit me hard when he showed that slide at the success summit, and i started reflecting on that: okay, wait a minute, so the consumer is now fully adopted the text message and is okay with receiving that text message.

This is such a key point: it’s all about consumer behavior and adoption. Now, at the same time, i remembered something: excuse me that earlier in the year of 2020, the tom ferry coaching group did a appointment, setting challenge and it might have been last year.

I forget when it was – and there was this gal who set like 40 – something appointments in one day in the appointment setting challenge. Now let’s just get real here i ran the prospecting school. I knew what it took to be able to book 10 15 20 appointments in one day, and i think the most i ever saw was 20 appointments booked in a day, and this was a gal who had you know a mojo dialer on this laptop another mojo Dialer on another laptop and was making phone calls on her cell phone, that is seven lines being dialed at the same time and yes, she was one of the most hardcore powerhouse, ladies ever and she booked a lot of appointments that day.

So i saw this live and in action in my session, and so i was kind of shocked a little bit like all right. Let’s, see what she has to say. You know what she said she said and they’re like well. How did you do it? She said well the day before i just sent a text message to a bunch of people and said: would you like to discuss real estate tomorrow, and so here we are.

She actually used text message as an invitation to discuss real estate, and then she got a bunch of people to say yes and they had an expectation that she was going to call them the next day and then guess what she did.

So her call to conversation ratio was through the roof because she actually used text message to set it up now. Whoa. If your marketing brain is not on fire right now, then we got a little bit more work to do here.

So what it started dawning on me since i love copywriting and if you’ve watched any of my videos on direct response marketing i ‘ Ve talked a lot about that as real estate agents. We need to create offers and we need to look at hey.

What are we actually offering our community and figure out how to level up the perceived value of those offers, and so i’ve, always been in this game of offers, but the reality is the challenge that we all faced is, and this is where I want you guys to be clear about as we’re looking at our marketing plan for 2021.

. The big challenge is, you can make that offer on, let’s just say facebook and you’d. Only get this percentage. Organic reach of the total addressable audience same thing on instagram. You can make that offer here, and you only get that much reach with your total audience here we could create an email right and maybe we could put a calendly link or you can book me link, which i use right and only so many if i send It to a thousand people only this many people would actually open the email and what percentage of them would actually get to the point where they s read your content then booked the link that’s, a small percentage.

So you know we could make phone calls, but you know like wow, we’d, have to call a lot of people. Very few people will ever answer the phone, so we’d, spend an hour making phone calls and then, when we finally talked to someone the person that we talked to is kind of slightly interested.

They just answer the folks that want to talk to you and me, but in all reality they had no interest in real estate. Aren’t it. So i spent an hour – and i only maybe talked to five people – and you know with varying degrees of interest in this game of real estate.

Hmm, you see when we really look at what our options are. Today it’s kind of limited. So when i started putting all of this together – and i said, text message, nine out of ten said that they would prefer the text.

That means the world has said just text me. It’s easier for me to deal with. Okay, then, when i think about that original offer of hey, would you like to learn more about prices and what’s going on with the market? If we put those two together today and we think about what that prospector did where she said, hey, are you free to discuss this tomorrow and she stacked the deck with a bunch of high probability phone calls that right there, my friends is 2020s way we’re gonna create a ton of appointments, and we’re, going to spend less time on the phone and more time talking to people that actually said.

Yes, i would like to talk about real estate with you, so i have been in a mad dash of creating different variations of text messages and text message templates, and so, if you want that, obviously you jump in the description.

Send me an email in the subject line say: please share text message, templates right and let me know that you want to take a look at those, but what i started exploring and i’m. Doing with a lot of my coaching clients is.

Is this concept of giving an invitation it’s, just an invitation hey? Would you like to discuss real estate and anything about real estate before the end of the year here in 2020? Hey it’s. You know the beginning of 2021.

Happy new years just checking in with you is there any goals, objectives or thoughts that you have about real estate in 2021 that we should discuss? I i’d, be happy to be available to help you with anything that you need it’s, an invitation.

We could send an invitation and we could stack the deck because, right literally nine out of ten will read it. Nine out of ten will read it going back to facebook, instagram linkedin, email phone calls.

Only a tiny, tiny percentage will ever see your message. So if you did all of that, if we took that script and we put it onto all of those channels, a small percentage would see it. But if we took that same script and put it on your text message and said to a hundred people, almost 90 of them would read it.

So we get literally a 90 adoption rate so think, like a marketer right now we’ve, invited them into the conversation. They have the choice, they can say: nope got nothing going on or yeah. I do let’s.

Talk about that! You’re, just giving people a choice, and this is so easy for them to opt in and if you got savvy, you just do what i’ve been doing, which is take my uh. You can book me link or a calendly link and if they said, hey yeah, i would like to talk to you patrick a little bit about you know we’re thinking about an adu.

We’re thinking about remodeling. We’re thinking about refinancing. We’re thinking about upgrading downsizing. You know buying an investment property whatever it is right there’s, so many great topics we can discuss.

Then you just take your calendar link and you just send it back to him and say: hey book, a spot that’s best for you even better. Now we’ve stacked the deck in our calendar, with a bunch of appointments that our great past, clients and friends have booked to discuss real estate with us.

How much fun is this going to be in 2021 if we could pull this off? Okay and i’ve got a great bet with one of my coaching clients right now and tess, and she said i need to sell x number of homes and make x amount of money gci before the end of the year.

It’s literally, we’ve got 60 days because i want to achieve this certain measurement. This is kind of where i ‘ Ve, always maintained my standard, and you know what i said to her. We need to shoot a text message to as many people as we possibly can and just be super clear and frank with them say: hey have you do you have any plans of doing anything in real estate before the end of the year before the end of The year, so she’s, qualifying it so most likely she could send that to a hundred people and 97 of them won’t respond or will say no, but the three that said gosh tess, you know what we do need to Do something thanks for reaching out so she just she got a bunch of thumb, exercise and sent out 100 text message by the way on on most services.

Today you can just get a desktop version, so i don’t recommend you, you know, wear your thumbs out. Just get some desktop version of your text message, uh service provider and just copy paste edit, send copy paste edit send copy paste that it’s in from your computer to make this efficient so in wraps in 2021.

I believe text message will be the channel that is going to produce the absolute most amount of opportunities. If you can get your head wrapped around this concept of the invitation and figure out a system whether or not it’s.

A desktop version of your text message or you know i’ve, been using the sierra crm, which i can do literally 25 text messages to 25 people at one time up to 250 per day, and i could select all as long as it’s, relevant information to them, and i’ve, crafted a good message.

I could send you know 100 text messages at a time to groups of people and say hey. You guys want to talk about this today. Or do you want to talk about this tomorrow and then just send my calendar link hello, that’s, amazing.

So a couple things: the invitation, the adoption, what technology you’re going to use and what’s? The test that you want to do between now and the end of the year to see if you could create a result with text messages have some fun with this.


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