Okay, so you want to make affiliate marketing sales. You want to make money with Clickbank with digistore24, with max web, with peerfly with click dealer, with whichever network you are an affiliate with you want to make money online. So how are you going to make money online? Well, you can make money online by sending traffic through to the offer that you want to promote. However, it’s not as easy always is just saying: let’s turn on the traffic because there are some big costs involved right.

So in this video, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you how you can get the cheapest traffic coming through to your landing page or to your offer so that you can make the most amount of money possible. So if that sounds good to you and you’re ready to make money online with Clickbank and affiliate marketing and all the other networks out, there smash the like button below this video, and let’s get started okay. So in most of my videos, I talk about Microsoft, ads google ads, or native ads, and so today what I wan

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to talk about is push ads now. Push ads, um have a little bit of a reputation. Push ads.

Are those little push, notifications that come up on your smartphone and you can advertise that way right, so you can send push ads out. People get those notifications on their smartphones and if they tap the notification, they’ll go through your landing page.

You tell them about the offer and then they can go through the sales page should they buy. You get a nice commission now it does have a little bit more of a reputation and the reputation is that because um, it’s a more direct kind of in your face kind of way of advertising that the likelihood of getting conversions is much lower, and I think There’S um a degree of logic to that argument, and so I’m not going to try and say that you know you can make just as much money with push ads as you can, with Facebook ads or with native ads right. It’S a different beast.

However. The clicks are extremely cheap and because it’s extremely cheap, it is well worth trying out.

Okay. So in this video, what I’m going to show you are some networks that you can go with to get push traffic. I’m also going to show you one of the things that you want to try with push traffic, that’s just starting now, and it’s the kind of thing that you want to get in on right now, because, if you get in on it right now, this is the Golden time to get in on it six months down the track, if you’re getting in on it, that’s when you know everyone’s talking about it and it’s starting to not be as an effective method of using push notifications.

So you want to watch this whole video to make sure that you get an update on that all right. So, first, to the networks that we can use all right, we can go with sites like mega push now they’ve got a bit of an interesting uh address here.

Their address is mega poo, dot, sh, all right so um. The full domain, including the extension, is mega push all right, mega, poo sh, so another one that we can try is uh, rich push.com, actually, they’re now called Richards.

om. Unfortunately, once you log in there once you’ve signed up and logged in, you can’t do anything until you’ve.

Actually, added funds to your account, so if you want to actually go in and have a look around too bad, you have to add money into your account. First, now I’ve heard good things about them. They don’t just do push ads anymore.

They do native and other kinds of things, which is why they rebranded to rich ads, but the rich push is uh, definitely one to give a try to all right, um another one that I have used before, and I’ve had success with promoting cheap offers, as well as Expensive offers um things like biofit and xc pure and Okinawa flat belly tonic is propeller ads all right and I’m actually going to show you when I talk about this um this method that you need to jump on now, I’m going to use propeller ads to do The demonstration but propeller ads is definitely a good one to um to join they’ve got quality traffic and they have a lot of traffic all right. The last one that I’m going to talk about here – and this is one where we can actually look at the numbers – is push ground all right now.

Push ground is one that I haven’t used as yet to run traffic with, but I’m uh about to do a test with them. The great thing about push ground is they give you a table with all their click rates upfront, so you can actually see what you’re going to be paying. You don’t have to set up a campaign to work out what your CPC is going to be right and that’s actually what we’re going to look at now.

When I talk about this method that you have to jump on and you have to try it right now, all right, so let’s go through we’ll go to CPC rates, and here we go all right so um, as you can see, we’ve got, of course, us Up the top-recommended bid for us is 15 cents, a click now that’s kind of on the high end, but don’t worry what I um. What I explained about what I’m going to show you in a moment is uh we’re going to show you how to get those cheap clicks all right.

Um, then we’ve got uh Germany at 12 cents. Then we go down to India at one cent. We’Ve got south Africa at uh, nearly four cents.

Now there are a lot of people using push notifications to run ads for affiliate offers right now and, of course, the more people that jump on the more people that use it. The less effective it’s going to become because you know, as people get inundated with ads.

They’Re going to start having a bit of ad blindness, they’re going to start ignoring ads, they’re going to start unsubscribing when they can – and you know over time, just every method is going to get less and less effective. So what can we do so? There’S a method that we can use that is actually going to get us cheaper clicks and is not at the stage of being ineffective because it’s been done too much all right.

But the point of this is that you have to get on this right now. If you’re going to do it right, so what it’s called is in page push now.

What in page push is, is um push notifications that come up within a web browser right, so a couple of good points about that. First, it also works on ios um. Second, it’s not kind of in your face like a push notification coming up in your phone, so um, it’s less likely to feel invasive, and the third thing is that um, you know it’s more of uh!

Well, the person’s only going to click on it if they choose to they’re, not feeling like they’re being forced to click on some notification on their phone all right. So we can have a look at the rates for in-page push right now and if we go to in-page push you’ll see for us we’re down at five cents for Canada, I think that’s Canada, maybe that’s china whoops, I’m not sure.

Okay, we’re up to just under two cents: France, uh under three cents, Canada, that’s Canada, Canada, sixth, sense. For some reason, Canada is higher than us great Britain uh less than five cents, uh Singapore. I guess that’s less than two cents, Germany uh just over four cents, okay, and so it goes on like that right, so you can get some really good rates using in-page push, and again I’ve tried this before the response rate is really good right now, if we Go down here, we’ve got Nigeria and you say well yeah good, Anya, well, um!

Nigeria is not a country that I want to promote to, and I would say why not, if you go back I’ll leave a link in the description. If you go back to one of my previous videos, I’ve promoted offers to Nigeria and they convert really really well.

Okay, unfortunately, commissions were a little bit on the low side for the offerors promoting, so it wasn’t profitable but um. They do convert right. So when you’re only paying one cent a click worth trying out all right, then we go brazil under three cents, and look it just goes down from there: um, what’s Australia, just under five cents, that’s about the same as England, um or great Britain um, and so We go on like that.

So look it’s worth giving this a try and let me just show you let me go back to my propeller ads account I’ll use this one because it’s kind of set up already. I’ve used it quite frequently we’ll go create a campaign all right.

We call this um test camp. Okay, we’ve got push notifications, uh and we’re gonna choose the pricing model of CPC. We’Re gon na turn off classic push and we’re just gonna go for in page push right and then we’re going to go.

Let’S just go, propeller adds traffic and we’ll go for, let’s leave them all on um and let’s target us there. We go all right and you can see when this comes back.

We’Ve got three cents, a click all right. If we go down to, let’s say Nigeria, what do we get? Two cents, a click.

This is really nice. All right.

You can go down to the state level if you won’t put in your advertising budget. Let’S say: 100 bucks a day, total campaign budget of a thousand targeting uh, let’s go both desktop and mobile. All right and operating systems will go to android, ios, uh windows, and mac.

Os all right and then we go down. We go a bit further, a bit further, a bit further, a bit further, all right and we’re going to set up our creative.

So, let’s just say, melts belly fat today and this is bad, but I just want to show you what it looks like um take this before bed to lose pounds. Okay and now all we want to do. Are we put an image in there?

So I’m just going to stick any old image in there. Okay, so there’s my image of some lemons or something with paprika on them all right.

So what we can do is you look over here? That’S what it’s going to look like, so it’s going to pop out from the browser like that melt belly fat today. Take this before bed to lose pounds.

Click on it takes you through the ad. What we can also do is, we can add new skins to it.

We can go to social skin and that looks pretty cool. You know it looks like kind of a social media, post or social media notification. We can go with a light theme.

It has a very small, very small picture and a large larger text, not so crazy about this one, but I haven’t tested it, so I can’t say whether it’s good or bad at all. Right generally, though, I’ve had the most success, especially with click-through rate, with the classic one.

Okay, so that’s all you need to do. Of course, you need to put your affiliate link and so forth in there, but when we’re looking at you know, where are we where’s the price? Let’S go up to Nigeria, two cents, u.

, nine cents, Australia, Great Britain like around five cents, Canada, six cents. This is an awesome way to get started with affiliate marketing and you might be saying to me, yeah, but I want to make my first sale today.

I don’t want to set up a new campaign that I’m going to have to test. I just want a guaranteed way to make a sale, no problem. I’ve got you covered check out the video.

That’S on the screen right now come back to me tomorrow and give me feedback when you make your first sale thanks for watching and don’t forget to click like and subscribe.


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