Far too many of you worry way too much about other people and not enough about your f*cking selves. When you spend your energy focusing on what other people are doing instead of executing on your own opportunities, you are setting yourself up to fail time and time again. And this goes against what society is, right? Society is all about gossip, it’s all about talk, it’s all about who’s doing what, and it’s never about worrying about what you’re doing. I think everybody is born with hunger There’s the desire to grow, to expand, to learn, and then disappointment sets in early in life for most people.

And then we look to blame something outside of ourselves, and there are many events in our lives that can affect us We’ve all had pain and challenges but I think if you can find within yourself the part of you that wants to constantly give something more than yourself. If you can find a mission larger than yourself, then you’re more pulled to do something than try to push yourself and pull as much more power than push Can’t is an option It’s either I will, or I won’t.

I can, I know I can but I will, or I won’t, you know? and..

And that’s the thing in some cases you may try your hardest and you just don’t win, or you don’t pass a test or you don’t succeed. That’s part of life. My advice to people who are going through hard times, a lot of people know my story I come from a very, very, very humble beginning. You have to be open to that. Like, as for instance social media.


A lot of people on social media and what they do is they show you the best side of them. Everybody on social media, everybody out here in this world, everybody has two sides to them. We decide that we want you to see which is our best side We also have this side that we’re not working on The side we’re not working on is that side that you want no one to see like on social media everybody posts where they’re going…

you know, I’m going here for vacation. This is me in the gym. This is me here, this is me here. What I do is I post my bad side. I let everybody know I’m this, I’m this, I’m this I have to work on all these things.

It’s ok. So the first thing is you’ve got to accept the fact that everybody judging you, you judging yourself. It is ok to be f**** up. It’s ok to not be exactly like everybody else. It’s ok to not follow the crowd.

So that’s the one thing I would tell people. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing worry about what you’re doing, focus on what you’re doing. Cause everybody else out there, everybody judging you. They also have problems themselves. And that’s when I realized myself.

So I stopped comparing myself to everybody else. I just comparing myself to myself. I’m my own hero. I’m my own hero..


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