What’s up guys? Jonathan John McNeil comm here and today is the very last day of 2019. Tomorrow is January 1st of 2020. We’re about to embark upon a brand new decade and in this past year of 2019, I’ve learned a couple lessons about five different lessons, guys that I want to share with you guys today that I feel that it’s really going to help you build your affiliate marketing business for 2020 and beyond.

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These are five different tips that you guys can employ in your business. That will absolutely help you make more money with your affiliate marketing business so that’s. What I want to share today in this video, so let’s, just go ahead and jump right in.

I’m gonna be talking about again the five lessons that I’ve learned in 2019 that I feel that’s. Gon na help you succeed in 2020 and beyond so number one that’s. Gon na jump right in guys you should never trust one traffic source.

So I know that a lot of the gurus tell you that you should pick on one particular traffic source and stick to it. But over the years I found out that that is just not good advice. Obviously, especially, we’re just using social media as your platform to build your online business, because social media largely is not really predicated upon you.

It’s predicated upon the people that own the systems who own YouTube and Twitter and Instagram, and a lot of things that happen on these different platforms. From year to year, you don’t, have any control over so just using social media.

By itself I don’t feel as a safe. I did a long term. Obviously you you definitely want to use that, but I feel like you should always be employing some sort of paid traffic strategy in your business as well as free traffic strategy, so doing YouTube and doing Instagram and doing Twitter and Facebook and blogging.

All of that stuff is fine, but I also feel like you need to have a paid traffic component in your business to be able to grow and scale and have more control over. You know how much you can actually earn so, never trust, just one traffic source.

Try to narrow it down to two or three different traffic sources that you can actually feck in your online business. So number two: is you want to brand yourself and branding yourself is gonna equal credibility right.

So essentially, as you are growing your online business, you want to go ahead and start building yourself up. You want to start branding yourself. So how do you do that? Right so you start a blog, you start delivering content.

You start a YouTube channel. You need to get on video. This is how you actually brand yourself when you think about all the big gurus that are on YouTube or just in within your niche. These people have done a good job by doing what they branded themselves.

You’ve, seen among videos, you’ve, seen them do trainings, you’ve, seen them maybe speak in person and when these people are in front of your face 24/7. It builds up this credibility so when that guru or that affiliate is selling you something are they’re, recommending something to you? You’re, more opt to go ahead and purchase it from that person, because why they built up some trust with you.

They build up some credibility with you and that’s all through branding so with the affiliate marketing and online business. These days you can’t really hide behind the camera anymore. I mean you can to a certain extent, but you’re.

Only gonna have limited success when you do that, so you have to get out of your comfort zone and start to brand yourself a little bit by a little bit. I know that some of you guys are afraid of that, but it’s.

Just something that just needs to be done: if you really want to grow your business and make a substantial amount of income, so let’s, go on to number three and what you want to do is you want to add value, so this is Gon na be majorly important in 2020, it’s, adding value because when you think about like where we’ve been in the past and how affiliate marketing and online business has changed so much here now and where it’S gonna go in the future.

You have to be adding more value, it can’t just be sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, you have to be adding some value, and the best way to add value again is, I think, through video marketing. So again, I know that you guys some of you guys don’t want to hear about this.

Some of you guys, don’t want to hear the word. Video come out of my mouth or you don’t want to do a video and you’re, just so against video, but it is 20/20 guys it is 20/20. And what do you have to lose? What do you have to lose? If you’re felling now, and your online business and you’re, not making any money, you don’t have anything to lose by trying to get on video and trying to give some value.

And I’ll. Tell you what everybody resonates with somebody! It doesn’t matter. If you’re shy, if you’re introvert or extrovert, if you are quiet, if you don’t speak well. If you feel like you, don’t, look a certain way that could be on camera.

It doesn’t really matter. What really matters is, if you’re, actually giving some value and people see like the true genuineness through the screen, you know, like some people will connect with you, regardless of you know what you look like or what your camera equipment looks like, or What your audio sounds like it, doesn’t have to be perfect guys.

It just has to be genuine, it has to be real, it has to be valuable, and you can do this, like anybody can do this with their cell phone or with any type of camera, is so easy now to start creating videos and just giving value it.

Doesn’t have to be super long videos. It can be short little snippets. Two three four minutes you get on current camera and you give some value you get off. You’ll, see how you ‘ Ll start building up your audience, building that trust building that credibility and that’s gonna turn into definite sales.

So number four: is you want to connect with your leads now? This is something that you know it’s, important because a lot of times as affiliate marketers, we are always trying to you – know just collect the leaves and then sell to our leads over and over again, and people are just they’Re just not down with that anymore right: they, they’re more hip to that, and they’re, just not down just being sold to via email like that.

What they want is a personal connection. So how do you actually connect with your leads? Well, you can do that through, like facebook Messenger, you can do that through email. That’s. Probably, what like one of my favorite things to do, you can even do that through like doing Skype.

So essentially, what I mean guys is, as you are, building your list and you’re generating leads, you know, connect with them like actually have one-on-one conversations with them through some of these mediums.

It could be through Facebook messenger through email and if they connect with you, because a lot of times, people just have a hard time with trust. You know they may like a program that you are recommending and it may sound interesting to them or they there may be a product that you may be recommending, but some person may just need to have a question answered or just have a little reassurance that whatever You’re, trying to sell them, or what are you recommending them? It’s, going to be good for them, so connecting with people will by far you know, drastically help your sales conversion Scout.

I can’t. Tell you how many times that I’ve just received an email after I’ve sent out a promotion, or I’m, promoting like a system or something like that, and I received an email and it maybe like one Or two simple questions, and then that person just signs up and it’s just again.

Having that connection, having that reassurance that that that you’re, you know promoting something that’s. Gon na be real and something that you’re standing behind. So connecting is something that you must do in 2020 and beyond.

So the last thing I wanted to say is just follow one marketing system, so what happens is with new affiliate marketers when they first start out, they usually have that shiny object syndrome where they’re moving from system to system and product to product Cuz everything looks good and the Guru is telling them that they’re gonna make money with this, and this other person is telling you’re gonna make money with that, and it all sounds good, and you know you’re looking at these sales pages and you’re, looking at the fancy cars and a fantasy houses.

But what I want to implore to you guys if you’re just starting out or if you’re, been in the game for a while and you haven’t made consistent income. What I want to implore to you is to kind of follow one system pick a good system that will kind of walk you through a twosie in terms of building your business like step, one.

What is affiliate, marketing and breaking all that down and then really understanding. All the different components of you know: sales funnel and conversion tactics and traffic, and this email, marketing and everything that goes into affiliate marketing.

One complete system, because a lot of systems aren’t complete there. They’re, really not all built to make it complete for you. They’re kind of made you to get a little bits and pieces here and then to get all the information.

You typically have to spend a lot more money, but there’s. Definitely programs out there. There is systems out there that really teach you the whole spectrum a tizzy, and I actually leave you guys. Some free training it won’t cost.

You anything in the link in the description in this video. You guys can sign up and get some training with this program that I’m gonna leave here and it’s. Absolutely free there’s, no charge to it at all, so those are my five tips guys for 2019.

These are tips that you can definitely deploy in your business in 2020. I hope you guys, you know, take these tips to heart and you focus in on these five things, because I truly believe, if you focus in on these five things that I’ve talked about today in this video that there’s.

No reason why you can’t be very successful in 2020 and I want to wish you guys a happy new year be safe and happy new year. 2020 is around the corner. We don’t. We do a lot of things here. We’re gonna be really building together.

Our online businesses – and I can’t, wait to share more with you guys in 2020 and just be able to connect with you guys. So this is John from John McNeil dot-com signing out on my last video of 2019 guys.


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