And today’s, video guys, I’m gonna show you step by step, how you can start your own business online with affiliate marketing. Now I’ve, been doing a flip marketing online for over five years now, and I ‘

Ve made a lot of money with affiliate marketing and I think it’s. One of the best business models to start online and I’ll talk about the reasons why, in a second, you’re going to want to watch this video all the way to the end, because I take you through step-by-step how to Start your own real business online.

Now on my channel guys, I usually do videos about how to make two hundred dollars a day three and of dollars a day and stuff like that. You can make money with those methods. However, it’s, not a long-term strategy.

Do you really think you can make $ 300 a day typing for the rest of your life? It’s, not going to happen. These are not long-term business models. What you want to be doing is creating a long-term passive income stream online that will last you years now, whether Flair marketing you can do that.

I’m, going to show you how I started doing this a long time ago over five years ago. Now I’m still making money today from this method and in fact I’m scaling it up every single month and making more money, so you want to create a real, long-term, passive income online guys.

This is one of the only real ways to do it and if you think you’re gonna get rich and become a millionaire from typing names all day long and maybe making money online. Isn’t for you, because you do need to invest in yourself.

You do need to take action, and if you don’t watch for this video all the way to the end you won’t understand how this works. What affiliate marketing is, and you might miss out on a great opportunity if you don’t, take action now.

So what I want to talk about guys, first of all, is how we can do this, but make sure you subscribe. So you know when my next video comes out on this topic and hit that like button, because I’m about to blow your mind.

It give you so much value and hopefully help you understand how online business works and how you can make money. So let me explain to how this works, what is affiliate marketing? How does it work and how can you make money from it? So the best way for me to do that.

Guys is actually sure you two of my websites that are making money from right now. So this is one of my websites guys called on lines, dimes com, and if we scroll down, you can see that there’s. These the links here these links go to a specific program where I get a commission right.

So if someone goes to this and they go to click funnels calm and they purchase this product, I get a commission. So I make money from that and it’s. A simple article, click funnels vers, get response nice and simple, easy to understand, and then I have links to these particular programs, and I also have another website here: could five fun or calm – and I know a lot of you guys already seen this some of my Subscribers from the past, but guys I have a lot of new subscribers every single day, so that’s.

Why I like to show this again, so you understand now on this website here when people click on these banners and they go through to that website. I get a commission. So if I click on this and we go to this webinar, this is a webinar.

I get a commission for this. I think it’s like three hundred dollars and the best thing about this guy’s is this is completely passive right. These websites are making money for me every single day. So let me explain to how you can make money from this guy’s and how you can actually get results like this, like the results from this stuff was crazy.

I’m doing well over thirty forty thousand dollars per month. Now. Actually, probably more than that, a lot more than that with affiliate marketing, but if you put in the work now and take the action, then you can reap the rewards from your hard work as well.

Now this is how affiliate marketing works. In a nutshell, you join an affiliate network, you find a product to promote and then you promote the product and then you earn a commission now. The best thing about this method, guys is you don’t need your own product.

There’s, no point in creating a product when you don’t have to when you create products. I know, because I have multiple products and software’s. It can take months to create them. Then, every single day you have the deal support tickets.

You have to deal with all the support stuff, just focus on sending traffic to these products instead and getting a commission. It just saves a lot of work, so the first step guys is kind of understanding.

What kind of affiliate marketing programs are out there now? In most cases generally, a lot of people were going to say: hey well, Amazon Associates as an affiliate network, and you can go out and promote products that are on Amazon now.

This is a great affiliate marketing program and it’s. Amazon is obviously one of the biggest winners, the biggest e-commerce platform online, but the problem with Amazon guys is: they give really really low commissions.

Five percent four percent, three percent, two percent and another thing that sucks about Amazon. You have to go and create really good websites that convert, and you have to put in a lot of work to make money from Amazon affiliates.

Now I’m, not bagging on the Amazon. Affiliates program is very good. If you want, you can go and promote Amazon products for a commission, but there is a better way, and this is the way that I used when I started to go out and do a flip marketing.

Ok, what we do is we go and use a method called launch, jacking, okay and we go and find products that are launching into the market and we go and write a review and stuff about these particular products.

So let me break it down for you. We’ll, go through this step-by-step okay and make sure you watch this all the way through guys, because, like honestly, I ‘ Ve made a lot of money online. There’s, not many people that have made a lot of money with affiliate marketing who are willing to share everything their entire experience for free and give you all of this value to help.

You grab build and grow your own business online. Okay, that my videos have so much value so step number one guys as you will need to go and create a website for this, and you might be thinking. Oh Franklin, I want to spend money guys.

A website will cost you three dollars per month. That’s around about thirty dollars per year. Right, if you can’t afford thirty dollars per year, then stop trying to build a long-term business online.

You at the least the minimum need a website to start making money online. So you can go to Bluehost, which is this is an exclusive deal that I have for you guys two dollars 95 per month, and you can start your own website now when you start this website, you’ll, be taken to a dashboard like this Bluehost will give you all the instructions and we ‘

Ll come back to this in a second and I’ll, explain to you how you can make money with this, so your first step is to go and sign up to an affiliate Network. Now the best thing about much Icom, so man, choy calm – is there’s.

Multiple affiliate networks on here that we can sign up to what we want to do is go on find products that are launching into the market soon, because there’s, gonna be a lot of traffic and getting sent to these products.

Let me explain to you, I’m, going to show you how you can make like a lot of money guys. So how it works is that this guy here these two people here are basically affiliate marketers for these programs that are about to launch.

Okay, what happens? Is they an email to their big email list right? Hundreds and thousands of people get to see this product and they make Commission’s. However, a quite a big percentage of the people that I send an email to could be 10 % 20 %.

I’ve, got to go onto Google and search for that product for like like a review. So, for example, this product here is called email, EECOM, email Academy, so people will go onto Google and put an email, EECOM Academy when it launches and that’s.

Traffic to your website, yes, is going to be slot the start, but it builds up and builds up, and let me show an example of a website that’s. Doing it right now and I’ll show you how to do it, but this website right here does.

It is called dope review, calm. They literally go out and they just post information about these products. Okay, so they ‘ Ve got 52 pages here, and the reviews are not that big. They’re, not that comprehensive.

They’re, very, very simple. To do and I’ll show you two ways you can do them: they’ve. Just got a picture and they ‘ Ve got some information here and that’s. It right it’s. So simple to do that’s, actually quite a long one.

You can do a very, very short one. So what you want to do guys is it’s, a few things you want to look out for. Okay, let me show you this product here that is about to get launched. This is a massive product and you’re gonna, but this is an ax blow mind.

Okay, so if we go to the JV page, so what you do is you click on the product you go to the JV page and it ‘ S got all the information that you need, so you can sign up as an affiliate here: okay, nice and simple you can it’ll, tell you to go to clickbank and put in a Clickbank ID that’s up to you.

If you yes, so you’ve got to get actually at a Clickbank first, but guys these guys are giving away fifty thousand dollars for the top prize $ 25,000. Fifteen thousand dollars three thousand dollars. They’re, giving away over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars and prizes.

So this means that so many affiliates going to be promoting this. So there’s, so many eyeballs on this and people are gonna, go search in google for reviews on this product. The best thing about this product guys is they’re, giving away a commission of maybe just go back here of to our two thousand five hundred and you 50 % of that.

So you get over $ 1,000 for one sale. When you go look at Amazon, you get peanuts compared to that literally peanuts like it’s, embarrassing! So these these products, you can make a lot of money now. The thing is, you want to go from products that are going to be giving away over 10,000 dollars in prize money minimum because they get a lot of hype right.

So here’s. Another one here here’s, another one here there’s, products that he launched every single day. So there’s, no excuse for you not to do this and after the launch they still get traffic and you still make money.

So this one here they’re, giving away 40 % this one. Here they’re, giving away 50 % of two hundred and forty seven dollars. We click on this and it ‘ S got not much information here, but you can ask them if they’re gonna be doing any prize money and stuff like that.

So how do you make this work? Guys? Let’s, go through the step-by-step, so what you want to do is you probably want to do like one or two reviews a week, guys like you can’t like honestly, I’m gonna be honest with you Kind of go, be one review and expect to make a lot of money right, but this is kind of what you could expect to make product one.

If you, if it’s, a 50 % Commission at $ 2,500, all you need is one sale to make a huge profit, one sale to make $ 1,250 or you’re. Paying for is a website at three dollars per month. We’ll come back to these other products in a second now, how do you go and get the content right? First of all, you want to go and sign up to one of these.

We’ll. Take this guys, one, for example, click on the JV page and simply put in your information and sign up as an affiliate. Ok, then, what I do guys is there’s, two ways you can do this. You can write the content yourself and a lot of people ask well.

What are you write about? You can ask them for more information or just come, find other people in the industry that are doing the same type of content and just replicate what they’re doing and mimic what they’re doing because it works.

Well, you can go to a writer comp and you can literally go and get a 500 word article written for three dollars guys. This is the best business model, because you don’t need a lot of money up front to get started.

Well, you could get a better article for 6 bucks or you could get a thousand words for 8 dollars. You just edit it right. Okay, so all you do. Is you go on eye writer? You sign up and you say Hey. I want you to write a bit of review about this product and you just say: hey: I’m gonna be doing it.

This is launching soon I don’t have access, but can you just do a review on this product and you simply put the link up when you go to a writer and you start your job? Okay, very simple, so go to the product, guys sign up as an affiliate.

Okay, so sorry, munch Icom, fine products that are being launched into the market delicious take one product. So this one here by Sean Donahoe there’s. One product sign up as an affiliate and then your and then, while you’re waiting to get approved, go and get the content ready.

So how do you get the content ready? This is simple. You can write it yourself or you can go to eye writer like I mentioned, but what you need to do is have a website, so you want to go to the Bluehost calm and get your supper website once you’ll enter Bluehost.

I’ll, tell you how to install WordPress and like sort of stuff – and this is the back end – that you’re, going to be in okay, simple. The next step guys is. We want to go and install a search engine, optimization plugin, so go down to plugins down here and then simply go and find a plug-in called Yoast SEO.

Hopefully, this loads, I haven’t, yep, okay, going to add new plugin and now I already have it installed, but I’ll just show you how to get it. Okay, alright! So on this page guys, you want to put an Yoast SEO that severe can sit on the screen and then click install now.

Okay, once that installed, we want to go back to post and we want to create a post based on this product review and what’s gonna happen guys? Is it’s gonna rank in Google? It might not rank on the first page of make probably rank on the second when you’re starting, but all you need is one sale, guys, one freakin sale to make a thousand dollars, and you there’s, a very high chance And to get a sale when this launches okay and then you want to go to add new and I’ve actually got some content here from one of my other websites.

This has got nothing to do with this, but we’ll. Just use it for content sake and what we want to do guys is we’re like hey, we want to go. We’re gonna go and do a review based on this product right, the unhulled six thing of freedom.

So what I’m, going to do. I’m just gonna get out of this here. When you go to my website and I’m gonna put in on household. Let me just type the sink, so I don’t know what it I come in, what it is: six-figure freedom review; okay, that’s.

Gon na be my title and I’m just going to go save draft. So we’ve, got it ready there now. This might look a little bit different for you guys, because I I actually have something else installed. That makes us look different.

You might have the new version of WordPress, but it all works. The exact same way – and you won’t – have this purple thing here. So don’t worry about that now, and here guys, you just simply put in your content.

Okay, so I ‘ Ve got my content in here and then all you want to do. Is you want to put your keyword in here a couple of times? The our keyword is the unhulled six-figure. We are freedom review. I’m just going to search this, because I think that we might get some examples.

Okay, so people have actually already done this guy’s. Okay, so we know it. We know that people were really getting into this and you just simply go and mimic what they’ve already done. They haven’t done.

I’m. Sorry, they haven’t done much content, so it’s very easy to mimic and you’ll, see they ‘ Ve got keywords: what is unhulled six-figure freedom and hustle six-finger freedom, and those are the sorts of things you want to put in this box.

Okay, is you know what is what is an hustled six-figure freedom, that’s, something that people are going to search and if you have that keyword in there, your website might show up and there and you could get some some sales.

But more importantly, you want to come down to here guys – and this is what shows up in Google. So if we go back to here, what we’re about to do now is do what actually shows up in Google here: okay and that’s very simple.

To do so, we’ll, just go back to here, and you just put in your thing so pissed and hustled six-figure freedom review, okay, yeah and then I’m going to push enter. This is the description, so you just put in a description like I tried out the unhung finger freedom review.

This is what I thought about it check out what I wrote on my article right and what happens guys is. These are all keywords that Google picks up. So the main ones you want to do is unhulled or the product name review, and then things like what is the product name, the best product name price and all that sort of stuff right and then, once you’ve done that you just want To go, publish your article now I’m just going to go, save draft and preview real quick and you’re gonna see you’ve just seen it won’t, look very nice okay! So you’ll, see that it’s here it’s, not very clean or anything like that.

But this is just what it looks like now. You might want to choose a different theme, so you can just go into the internet and find this WordPress themes or you can actually go to here and you can go to appearance and themes and it’s, going to have lots of themes that You can choose for your website.

You just need a basic one guys. The best thing to do is has gone kind of mimic. What everyone else has done, because if this works guys people were making money with this. Now, when you first start, it might be a bit of a struggle to get sales and stuff once the websites to ask it’s stronger and you start to get more momentum and Google.

Then you’re, going to make more money, but there’s, lots of themes that you can choose from there’s, so many free themes, and here that you can choose from just go to search and store. Add new theme now, once that’s done guys, need to put your affiliate link in that’s very simple.

To do once you get your affiliate link, you can just placed it in here. For example, I can put click click here to get the best deal and I can highlight this. I can click this little chain link up here and then I can put my affiliate link in here.

When I get the affiliate link, let’s, go and put one of my courses in here for now. So I put one of my courses in here guys, if I click Save draft and preview it again, I’ll show you what happens all right guys so now on the website.

If I click on get click here to get the best deal. Just pretend that this is the affiliate link right. It goes to my website now, but this would be your affiliate link. So if we go back, you ‘ Ll see that I’ve just created an article based on that particular product and then, when all of these affiliates send out the email.

A lot of people are getting a research and Google, and then our article will be there and we’re, going to make money and guys we don’t mean that a lot of people are going to search us. I’m talking about a lot when someone’s, given away a hundred and thirty thousand dollars prize money.

You bet there’s, going to be a lot of affiliates, sending us to their email lists this. These are the types of products that are going to get. You know that make millions of dollars, so this one here they are expecting to so every time this guy launches they make an average of around about 1.

2 million dollars. Okay, that’s insane. If you could just get like one or two 1 % of that or 0.1 % of that, you’re, going to get a huge chunk of money. Okay, so here’s kind of like an example product which was for 750 percent of that is a hundred and twenty three dollars.

So if you spend three dollars on an article and you’re $ 3.00 per month on a on a website that’s, your whole website paid for a couple of years and your article right just from one sale and then product 3 was 297 50 %, and a hundred and I had you look at 180, I’m.

Sorry, you’ll, get one hundred and forty eight dollars. All you need is one sale. Now the best products to go for guys are the ones I mentioned with a lot of prize money, but are also selling for over two hundred and ninety seven dollars.

Because all you need is one sale to make back. The price of the article that you get rid of, or just to make a good chunk of money, and also the ones that are in yellow are also pretty good to go for as well.

But as you can see here, we have one product that’s good in launch soon at three thousand four hundred and ninety seven dollars. So when do you need fifty percent of that right there doing a giveaway 50 percent? We have another one here, which is one: there are two thousand dollars so that’s, another high ticket, one guys as well this one here I will click on the JV page, but I kind of hope.

I kind of hope you guys understand how this all works is, so these guys have paid up five point: four million dollars in affiliate commissions and just seven days on one of the last launches, so you’d.

Imagine 0.0, 0.1 percent of that it’s huge guys. There’s, so much money involved in a flip marketing. And then what happens? Is you just build the site up and up and up? And then no, maybe in the first two months, you have four reviews.

Six months later, you have ten reviews. A year later you have 20 or 30 reviews and it stacks and stacks and stacks, and you keep making money from these reviews and it just stacks and stacks and stacks, and you make a lot of money like this guy’s.

You can make a lot of money over and over again and it becomes truly passive that’s. The thing guys becomes truly passive income. I could stop right now and I would still make money online every single day I could go and retire in order to.

In fact, I’m, probably gonna retire next year, because that’s. What you can do you can keep making money with your affiliate marketing passive income streams. So let me just go through guys and show you one more thing you might be wondering: where do we get these bonuses? Okay, you want to be given away bonuses because you can make like you, can literally double your income with bonuses, go to Google and put in best PLR websites right the PLR store.

So you can use these products, you can give them away, and this is what these guys are doing. They’re, giving them away for free and they say hey if you purchase through my link and then email it me afterwards.

I’ll. Give you all of these products right, so dog training, tourism. This is a bad example. All right here’s, a good one, so traffic secrets unleashed amid research secrets, Clickbank marketing secrets.

You can go and purchase these for like a couple of dollars or some of them even free. You can go and put them inside your article. Okay, it’s, going to entice people to make a purchase under your affiliate link because you’re, giving away a bonus now guys.

I want you to understand how powerful this is. You’re, going to be promoting a product, it’s, going to be giving away a hundred and thirty thousand dollars there’s, any lots of search traffic. Now that’s, launched checking in a nutshell that’s, it you can go and start your own affiliate marketing business and build it up to the next level.

But what if you want to scale it even more? Well, I’m, going to leave a link below you can go and check this out. We don’t open this very often, but this is my affiliate marketing training, where we take you through how to start your own affiliate marketing business with different methods.

We have a module on launch jacking down here, but I also take you through step by step the best affiliate marketing offers to promote how to build websites and funnels how to do email, marketing and funnels clickbank, affiliate marketing click funnels and fill in marketing.

We have two huge modules on that Amazon affiliate marketing, I’ll. Show you how to get free traffic had a rank. Two websites in Google and I’ll, show you how to do paid traffic as well, and then also some extra bonus gifts and there for you.

So if you want to check out my flat marketing course guys, I will leave a link below there’s, so much value in this. But if you want some more free training, guys on affiliate marketing and how to make money online, I leave some videos up on the right.

You can click those right now. One of them will show you how to make money online, and one of them will be a full playlist, showing you how to make your money online as well. Step-By-Step. Don’t forget to subscribe tap that notification bell guys, leave a comment below tip any questions about online replying right now, and click one of the videos on the right and I’ll see you in there.


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