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Competition on YouTube is growing exponentially every day. More and more channels are trying to catch the eyeballs of a limited number of viewers, ensuring that optimization becomes an essential feature for any successful YouTuber. Constantly experimenting with various types of video formats like funny, animated, and explainer videos, companies have had it enough. If you’re someone who wants a results-based approach that has proven to work, then here are 5 ways to rank your YouTube videos number 1.

Keyword Research

Metadata research will coincide with the competition research that you’ll do before launching your channel or uploading a video. This research work is very important as it provides you insights into what actually works. All you need to do is:

  1. Type in a search query in YouTube
  2. Click on Filter and Select View Count
  3. Open the Video with the highest view count
  4. Press Ctrl + U
  5. Press Ctrl + F and type in Keywords
  6. Use these keywords to create new content and add the keywords to your metadata as well.

These are keywords from a hair product video that has 2.3 million views. You must use these keywords to create content and in tags for your videos if you’re in a similar niche.


Other things you can use from the metadata are the description, about us page, and contact us page. Your channel must be consistent in terms of design and animation. This is a part of brand building that is not limited to the digital sphere.

Here’s an example from Hector Garcia’s channel (Account Video has 700,000+ views):

You can either rewrite this content or take an idea of what has actually worked for different channels that have achieved success.

Similarly, you can go to the channel’s page and check out the about us and contact us page. Competition research will get you very far because most people are too lazy to do it themselves. You can also take ideas for video thumbnails which are very essential for attracting viewers.

Viewer Engagement and Forums

When you start a YouTube channel, there are many channels already present in your niche or related to it. Now, this is a proven way to succeed so read carefully.

“Start communicating with viewers on other channels through comments.”

I know that may seem counterintuitive, but many successful YouTube channels have done the same and garnered more views.

You should also comment on forums. Many users post their problems on websites like Quora and Reddit. There are many other niche forums that you can target. Once you start getting more views on your answers, you can post links to your YouTube channel and get more traffic.

Social Media

You can also use social media sites to stay connected with your users and promote your videos. Here are a few useful tools that will be a gamechanger for you:

  1. Bit.ly: For short links that look more appealing
  2. Buffer: For scheduling your posts
  3. Mailchimp: for collecting and sending emails
  4. WordPress: for creating a blog to go with your channel and help improve your score on Google Search
  5. Pinterest and Instagram: for posting pictures related to your videos to garner more views.
  6. Stick to Your Niche

Beyond everything, you need to stick to your niche and make things interesting. All the information you want to provide may already be available. For instance, instead of targeting “weight loss,” you may want to target “weight loss for women,” or even better “weight loss for women who have just given birth.” There may be fewer searches of these keywords, but they will be less competitive as they are more targeted.

Once you start gaining more viewers, you can redirect them to your website or ask them to subscribe. You can even target those big and awfully competitive keywords that are out of your niche.

Getting more views on YouTube is a long and arduous journey. Obviously, when you started out, you knew how competitive the field is, so now’s your chance to apply the aforementioned tips and bring your YouTube channel to more viewers.


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